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Utility Scenario Planning: ‘Always Acceptable’ vs. the ‘Optimal’ Solution

 by David Magnus Boonin

Regulators, utilities, forecasters, technologists, futurists, energy experts, consumers and others should collaborate to develop scenarios that provide planning guidance and “always-acceptable” solutions.


David Boonin is President and founder of TBG Consulting (www.tbg-consulting.com), focusing on strategies that harmonize public and private interests. He is a nationally recognized public utility economist, with over three decades experience in utility regulation, policy, and strategy. This paper is based in part on a paper submitted by the author, when a Principal at the National Regulatory Research Institute, to the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission.  The author thanks Robert Marritz for his probing questions and Scott Hempling for his clarifying contributions. Mr. Boonin earned an M.A. in Economics at Brown University and a B.S. Economics at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

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