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SEPA finds surprising nuggets in Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative's survey


As a post from the Smart Electric Power Alliance revealed yesterday, a new study from the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) showed some surprising consumer attitudes about solar, including about net energy metering. One finding contravened usual solar industry arguments about the critical role that net energy metering (NEM) is believed to play in consumer adoption of rooftop solar. NEM policy has been bitterly fought over in disputes in Nevada, Arizona, and elsewhere, but SGCC’s survey on consumer attitudes toward rooftop solar found interest in solar slightly higher among study participants in states without strong net metering or other solar-related policies than in states that offer such incentives. The survey executive summary states: “Residence in a state with policies supportive of renewable energy and smart grid technologies had no consistent effect on consumers’ interest in or self-assessed understanding of those technologies.”

Perhaps a more stunning finding from the survey, according to SEPA: “[M]ore than 80% of survey respondents said they would be willing to donate excess power their rooftop panels might produce to others in their communities ‘in the interest of propagating green affordable power for everyone’”—a surprisingly unselfish view. We encourage you to dig into the SGCC survey summary for a fuller understanding of consumer attitudes toward our evolving technology.  March 3, 2017

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