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Welcome to www.ElectricityPolicy.com

www.ElectricityPolicy.com is two publications in one –

  • www.ElectricityPolicy.com, a full-featured online journal with news and in-depth articles, all of it keyword searchable and retrievable, and
  • Electricity Daily, an incisive, time-saving news briefing, delivered to subscriber email in-boxes each weekday.

Robert Marritz is publisher and executive editor of both www.ElectricityPolicy.com and Electricity Daily.  Kennedy Maize is a contributing editor of Electricity Daily. 

MarritzMr. Marritz, with degrees in both law (The George Washington University) and electrical engineering (University of Pennsylvania), founded and for 10 years edited and published the highly regarded Electricity Journal, for which he was honored by NARUC for having created a premium industry publication “of unsurpassed quality.”  

Marritz has been involved in the electric power industry for over 30 years at both regional and national levels. He was assistant staff counsel and engineer at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association; executive director of a Midwest regional power planning organization; chaired the management committee developing the 1500 MW Laramie River Station; and was counsel to an association of Northwest electric utilities and large industrial customers

Ken Maize 1by1Mr. Maize has been reporting on electricity-related energy and environmental topics since the mid-1970s. He has worked for several daily and weekly newspapers, the Associated Press, Congressional Quarterly, the Energy Daily, and Electricity Daily, which he co-founded. He is executive editor of Managing Power and a contributing editor for POWER. Previously, he worked for the National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and several Washington-based environmental and consumer groups. His recent book, “Too Dumb to Meter, Follies, Fiascoes, Dead Ends and Duds on the U.S. Road to Atomic Energy,” (2012), is available from Amazon.com in printed and e-book formats.

A graduate of Penn State University with advanced study at the University of Maryland, Mr. Maize has covered all aspects of the electricity industry. At POWER and as founder of Managing Power, he has written about the Fukushima catastrophe, global warming policy and politics, the emergence of shale gas and decline of coal, and the push for renewable electricity technologies.

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