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Searching for the perfect generator is always a long and tedious task to perform. With so many various options, functions, and designs manufacturers offer us trying to stand out, our head is spinning as soon as we see all this glut.

Luckily, you don’t have to plunge into all the endless technical specifications, buyers’ reviews, and ratings in order to find your ideal product: we’ve done it all for you! Should you look for a solar, inverter, propane, or any other type of generator, on ElectricityPolicy.com, you’ll find the top products the market has to offer at the moment.

How we find the best of the best

Research: Our researchers spend tens of hours analyzing all the aspects that might be crucial in affecting your buying decision. We first decide which product specifications are worth highlighting for your convenience. Depending on the type of generator you’re looking for as well as the functions it’s supposed to perform in your house, at your backyard, or in an RV, we include wattage, fuel tank capacity, noise level, dimensions, and warranty among others. It allows you to have a full picture of each model reviewed in a nutshell, and makes it effortless to compare the products to find the one for your specific needs.

Picking the best products possible: We then scour the market to find the most outstanding models available. The top-selling products, as well as the most decent new releases, are thoroughly analyzed. Thanks to our unnatural buyers’ reviews detecting system, we have an opportunity to identify the most reliable, functional, and long-lasting products based on the verified customers’ feedback.

Testing the selected products: Our team of experts carefully tests all of the models we’ve chosen. We try every single product out in order to let you know what our own impressions are and which drawbacks we were able to detect. All of our findings are then included in the reviews.

Writing the product reviews: Based on the ratings, verified reviews, technical specifications, and our own testing results, we compile a comprehensive article which includes a handy comparison table, in-detail product descriptions, a buying guide, an FAQ section, and a selection of our top three favorites at the end.

Apart from this, you’ll also find in-detail mono as well as two-product comparison reviews for the most decent and popular models we were able to get our hands on — an excellent way to get a closer look at your preliminary choice before you actually buy the generator.

Making your choice easier

Not sure which product to choose? In our top products review articles, we’ve included the so-called ‘nominations’. They always include the ‘Editor’s Choice’ as the best all-around winner, and the ‘Budget Pick’, the most affordable option on the list. However, you might go for some other options depending on what you were initially looking for. Want a portable, easy-to-maneuver generator? Probably ‘The Most Lightweight’ model will become your final choice. Or your priority is a sturdy-made workhorse to last for many years to come? Then look no further than ‘The Most Powerful Generator’ on the list. All this is made to further save you time and effort during your next online shopping trip.

Are we sponsored by anyone?

The short answer is no. We are participants of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which means we get advertising fees for informing customers and promoting the best products on the market. The fees aren’t differentiated within the manufacturers, therefore allowing us to pick the products based on our own analysis and the verified buyers’ feedback.

Need any help?

Our team consists of professionals, the best of the best. Should you have any questions concerning a specific product, feature, etc., don’t hesitate to comment on our reviews or send an e-mail. We’ll be happy to provide you with qualified help as quick as possible.

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Kennedy Maize has been reporting on electricity-related energy and environmental topics since the mid-1970s. He has worked for several daily and weekly newspapers, the Associated Press, Congressional Quarterly, the Energy Daily, and Electricity Daily, which he co-founded. He is executive editor of Managing Power and a contributing editor for POWER.




Robert Marritz, with degrees in both law (The George Washington University) and electrical engineering (University of Pennsylvania), founded and for 10 years edited and published the highly regarded Electricity Journal, for which he was honored by NARUC for having created a premium industry publication “of unsurpassed quality.”




Leah Y. Parks is a writer and associate editor for electricitypolicy.com and Electricity Daily, a journal that examines current events and the state of the industry for utility executives, commissioners, regulators and other experts in the field. She served on City of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Environmental Policy Task Force.





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