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LG&E, KU plan to close 801 MW of coal

Kentucky's largest electric utilities, Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities, plan to retire three coal plants representing 801 MW of generation over the next several years – roughly 10 percent of their 8,000 MW capacity – in a move that could have major repercussions for customers.

The next plant they build is likely to be fired with natural gas, not coal. For companies that rely on coal to generate about 97 percent of their electricity, that is a historic break with form

In an integrated resource plan filed Friday with the Public Service Commission, the state's two largest electric utilities say they are considering closing the 563 MW Cane Run, 163 MW Green River and 75 MW Tyrone plants to comply with US Environmental Protection Agency rules rather than retrofit them with advanced pollution controls.

“This is not a final decision,” spokeswoman Chris Whelan said for the companies, calling the planning document “a snapshot in time” to keep state regulators up to speed on the company’s long-range thinking.